Is There Never Forgotten?

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Gone but Never Forgotten
We had just picked up my grandmother from her doctor 's appointment, and everyone in the car knew something didn’t go right there. I am in the very back of my mother’s silver van, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. All of a sudden my mom pulls over and they all start to cry, and I just sit in the back unaware of what was said. I felt terrible, I just stayed quiet. We start driving again, and there is an awkwardness in the car. “How?” I hear my mother say in between a couple of tears.
“I don’t… I can’t believe… How am I supposed to…?” I can only hear parts of what my grandma responds.
We get to our house, and I could tell if I were to say something it wouldn’t improve the situation in any way. The doctors had told her they found stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am only 12, I don’t understand what cancer even is, all I know it is bad. What does stage 4 mean? Can’t she just go to chemotherapy and make it all better? What’s going to happen to my grandma? November 14, 2010, she found this out, and she couldn’t lose hope in herself. All of our family was determined to be there for her every step of the way, I was determined to be there for her no matter what. In January, the doctors didn’t know how to approach her cancer. They had decided to start putting her on chemotherapy. I really didn’t know how to handle this. Personally, all the stories I have heard about chemo have ended in death. The last thing I wanted for my grandma was her

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