Is the Dream Act Constitutional

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Is the Dream Act Constitutional Team A BCOM/275 December 8, 2011 Jay Gargas Is the Dream Act Constitutional To dream or not to dream? The Dream Act is meant to keep upstanding citizens who are in the country illegally to gain access to citizenship with a form of penance. They can elect to go to higher education schools or join our militaries for at least two years. Will we one day be rudely awakened by this dream that has turned into a nightmare? There are two sides to every position and both have valid points that should be understood, studied and processed. Many illegal’s come to our wonderful country to find opportunity, a better life and themselves; in this wonderful country we call The United States of America. This is what…show more content…
All we would have created is a higher demand on the government payouts for the unemployed. There will also be a huge potential to increase costs for the government not only with unemployment, but medical and food stamps. The ratio of intelligent applicants to qualifying family members for sponsorship is also severely unbalanced. The fact that not only are we bringing in people and paying for their education when there are no jobs available, and allowing them to bring in their family members means a never ending chain of overpopulation will begin. How are the already struggling taxpayers going to fund not only the education costs of these "dreamers," but also the increased demand on the government services budget which is also already strained. We must also take into consideration the highly qualified Americans who will have to come out of high school only to find that tuition costs have skyrocketed, but that they now have to compete with immigrants who do not have to pay anything for school. The American citizens will have to work full time jobs just to be able to afford school and have half the time for studying where as the "dreamers" who will only need to show up to class. Until there is a surplus of available to educated people in this country, there should not be any more people allowed in. One simple solution to this problem might be to bring in innovators, people who create more jobs. Until the
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