Is the NFL Combine Necessary?

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There is a considerable amount of controversy within the NFL whether or not the NFL combine is necessary for future athletes coming out of college to perform in or not. This competition between athletes does not predict their professional future on a large scale. It only gives NFL teams, scouts an inside look on certain athletes that may enhance their team. After the combine is finished, it is never looked at again by the player’s team scouts. The original use of the combine is to obtain all of the medical exams of the players taken at this event. The workouts and test are just a bonus for NFL team representatives to take a look at the players themselves. When an athlete enters into the NFL (National Football League) they realize their lives change in different ways. They do not consider work boring it is more like a hobby to the athletes. The roles that athletes play in fans lives predicts the way people look at them. NFL athletes play as major role models in fans outlook on life. You notice people wanting to look like them, talk like them, and even act like them. Leadership roles are put in the paths of people as a result of these major athletes posing as leaders in everyday life. Just like anything else though there is a negative side to it. People aren’t only experiencing the amazing things players do on the field, but off the field can be another story. Negative things could happen off the field and you notice some teenagers or kids wanting
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