Isa Nerga Poem Analysis : The Night In Isla Negra

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The Night in Isla Nerga Poem Analysis From the time we were born, humans have learned to appreciate and admire nature. However, as our lives become increasingly complicated and convoluted, it is easy to forget about it. Usually, to help us appreciate nature, poets write about nature in a peaceful, calming way. However, poet Pablo Neruda flips this style on its head and explores the more chaotic, unforgiving side of nature. This was the main point of Neruda’s poem, “The Night in Isla Negra”, where Neruda describes a scene of waves crashing against his house at night before a beautiful sunrise. In this poem, Neruda uses imagery, personification, and diction to convey to the reader that nature is unforgiving and should be admired and to bring depth and meaning to the poem. Firstly, Neruda uses imagery to convey the theme. The phrase “harsh light” (9) is imagery that allows the reader to connect the image of bright, harsh light to the image of the sun rising, slowly filling up the sky with light. This makes the reader think of the sunrise as unforgiving because of the comparison of a harsh, glaring light. There are also many other examples of imagery that are used for the same meaning. For example, the line “bloodstained in its sea washed crater” (15). By saying the sun and the ocean are “bloodstained”, the reader automatically thinks of battle and conflict. By tying the sunrise to war, conflict and blood, the reader can connect the sunrise to the theme that nature is

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