Ishmael Beah Analysis

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Ishmael Beah had a lot of important people in his life who each had distinguishing characteristics. He mentions them in the book A Long Way Gone in vivid details. In my life, I have four different people in my family, and they each have unique characteristics about their life. The four family members that are important to me are my Grandpa, Aunt Kathryn Price, my Mom, and my Uncle Bo. One of the most important people in my life is my grandpa. He has been very interested in my life that early on I gave him the nickname “Buddy”. My grandpa is very organized and detail minded. He always wants to plan everything and make sure vacations and events are perfect before they happen. Also, with being organized he has become a great problem solver if events are not falling into place as he had planned. This is very much like Ishmael in the fact that Ishmael had to problem solve many times. Beah’s problem solving skills are more intense and life threatening, especially when he is trying to figure out how to escape enemies, but my grandpa shares the same qualities in order to successfully problem solve an event that had gone wrong. “I gave orders for everyone to deploy around the village at strategic positions from where they could see the entire place” (Beah 142). Ishmael was in charge of a group of boys to raid a village, and he was giving orders of how to do so. He ended up being successful, and he made sure that everyone did their part to make it successful, which all the boys did.
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