Islam, A Monotheistic Religion

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Islam, a monotheistic religion, means submitting one’s will to Allah’s will. When Allah created the Universe, He did not invite anyone to challenge His creation. Allah has a purpose for everything He creates, therefore He does not need to explain what He does to His creation. Allah has sent messengers to convey to the human kind what is legal and illegal for them. He gave His creation different abilities; however, He has given humans the ability to obey or disobey Him. Among the messengers that God has sent, one is Mohammed (PBUH). He was given the Quran, the Word of God, to disclose the commandments of Allah. Like any other prophet, Mohammed (PBUH) used his way to guide the world to the right path. The Quran is a revelation through Gabriel (PBUH) to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). In the holy Quran, dogs are described as loyal, self-sacrificing, and devoted to their guardian. The loyalty of dogs makes them beneficial for protection, hunting, and detection of explosives and drugs; Nevertheless, Muslims cannot have any physical contact with them because of their impure saliva. The prophet encouraged all the beneficent uses of dogs, like herding and hunting, however, he did not want them to have any physical contact with dogs. The prophet discouraged his companions from having pet dogs, and there was a purpose. During the era of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), the people lived in a desert where the material resources were limited. People had to survive on minimal amounts of

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