Islam Religion

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Name: Jennifer Thomas
Professor’s Name: Dr. Peter Youmans
Class: RS 130 “Intro to Comparative Religion”
Date: October, 19 2012 I grew up in a household that believed in Christianity and we went to church every Sunday. That church was my foundation, my love and honestly, it was all I knew. At that time, in my community anything other than Christianity just wasn’t accepted and I often wondered why. Although I thoroughly love Christianity, I still wanted to explore our other worldly religions. In doing this paper, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. In my research, I realized that there is such a vast majority and trying to choose just one was going to be difficult but I prevailed. The one religion
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In which, this began the revelation of the Quran. Muhammad continued having similar revelations until he passed in 632. It is unknown whether the Quran was compiled in the lifetime of the Prophet or if it was during the first caliph Abu Bakr (632-634). The Quran that exist today was made Holy by Uthman ibn Affan (653-656). Also during this time, Uthman burned and destroyed all other ancient texts. So because of this it has been difficult for scholars to differentiate other text because no others exist. Variations in early manuscripts of the Quran cause scholars to debate the validity of the Quran as a whole. The text of the Quran used today is taken from one of the seven readings used and was chosen my Ibn Mujahid in the 10th century (The New Encyclopedia of Islam).
I was very interested in learning what role women play in the Shia Islam religion. I know some people assume that women are not equal to men in the Western part of the world. We get that idea from the dramatics of television and this concept isn’t entirely accurate. History and the Muslim world defines the relationship between women and Islam is complex. The Quran clearly states that men and women are equal(“The New Encyclopedia of Islam”). Men are described as protectors and maintainers of women. When it is said that men maintain women it is referring to the relationship of husband and wife. Women described as righteous are devoutly obedient and are to guard in the absence of a husband
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