Islam : Religious Aspects Of Islam

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Islam is a globalize religion that was introduced to the world by a merchant called “Muhammad” at around 610 in the city of Mecca that is now Saudi Arabia. Followers of Islam call him “The Prophet Muhammad” because of his vision of this religion that inspired him to preach the revelations of God which spread worldwide after his death in 632. Islam spread at a rapid rate all across the world and as far as India and China and was being done by many mean to include commerce and trade. Moreover, Islam is based on strict monotheistic teaching from the prophet Muhammad, which is based on their god “Allah”. However, before Muhammad begins his journey of prophecy at age forty, he was an orphan as described by his followers. When he was about 25 years old, he married Khadija who was a wealthy widow, which enhanced his status in the city of Mecca. Besides the religious aspects of Islam, trades and commerce were proven to be a very important benefit for the Islamic empire and for the rest of the world, especially with international and intercontinental trade. When you have a civilization that is very prominent in trade all across the world, new ideas and practices will emerge. Educations was the focus point for the Muslims, which help in the development of arts and science. Also, a new intellectual and spiritual tradition was brought in with the introduction of “Sufism” which is basically the inner mystical dimension of Islam. On my conclusion of this paper, I will hope to answer and

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