Islam 's Influence On The Middle East And Beyond

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Before it completed 100 years of its origin, Islam had expanded across the Middle East and beyond. The rate and success of Islam 's expansion were nothing short of breathtaking. Due to Muhammad’s alluring message, personal charisma, political ingenuity, and his ability to appeal to his followers; their loyalty and devotion laid the foundation to Islam’s great conquest. When the Muslim armies swarmed through the Arab frontier, their experience with the terrain and their self-determination allowed them quickly pillage vast areas in short periods of time. As a result of the impoverished and war-torn state of both the Byzantine and Persian empires, the inhabitants of these domains were not ready for the Arab’s unexpected wave of attacks and …show more content…

Prophet Muhammad was smart and strategic in his actions, he stayed aligned with his spiritual goals and used his leadership in politics to unify the Arabian Peninsula, establish a great state whose capital was Medina, and execute successful military expeditions . Muhammad created an Arabia that was devoted to Allah and his laws. The Arab armies were newly organized and as they advanced out of the Arabian Peninsula and successfully conquered new lands, they brought with them social and political order based on their Arabian culture and their firm Islamic faith .
The successful formation of the Islamic state within the Hijaz and the greater Arabian Peninsula was most certainly the primary factor that led to the greater Muslim conquests in the Middle East and beyond. The organization of anarchistic pre-Islamic Arabian tribes into a united force with a clear, well-defined purpose was also a major contribution to the success of expansion of Islam. The new Muslim community was essentially a tribe that was established not on biological descent but rather the acceptance of Allah and Muhammad as his prophet. Additionally, the wars of expansion were advanced by the Arabs devotion to the concept of jihad . Muslims are obligated to extend the faith to nonbelievers and to defend Islam from attack. The original concept of jihad did not include aggressive warfare against non-Muslims, but "holy

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