Islamic Influence On The Modern World

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The muslims from the Islamic empire had created everything from the elegant architecture such as mosques to a completely new level in the field of medicines. This time period takes place in the 7th and 8th centuries and lies between its two primary cities, Baghdad and Cordoba. During the Golden Age, the ideas of the Arabs, Egyptians, and Europeans came together. The Islamic contributions affected the modern world by creating unique geometric and floral designs, making new discoveries in geography and taught the study of arithmetics.

The natives of the Islamic empire had produced many new and dazzling forms of arts and literature calligraphy and architecture, that was popular around that time period and in the modern world of today. During …show more content…

The inventions and technology the Muslims had produced, such as geography and irrigation and underground wells had influenced and impacted the ideas of the future scholars. The inventions had rapidly developed and expanded from the eighth to the thirteenth century. Their inventions had encompassed irrigation and underground wells, medicine, and geography. A famous geographer, named Ibn Battuta traveled to Africa, India, China, and Spain in the 1320s. From the data collected of the countries Africa, China, India, and Spain, muslim scholars were able to make more accurate maps that was present at that time. Another scholar, Al-Idrisi wrote a geography book that explained that land did not go all the way around the Indian Ocean as many people had thought. The muslim geographers had studied many things. “Muslim geographers examined plants and animals in different regions, as well as divided the world into climate zones,” explains what they had studied and their establishments. The significance of geography included the fact that they had produced more accurate maps, that helped the future geographers to understand the location of every landform better. “It was, moreover, with the help of Muslim navigators and their inventions that Magellan was able to traverse the Cape of Good Hope, and Da Gama and Columbus had Muslim navigators on board their ships.” This sentence helps to explain how muslim scholars’ inventions and …show more content…

Geometric and floral design was significant because it helped to make everyday items, such as plates, and turn it into a work of art using these designs. Also, it helped to illuminate the Qur’an and helped to decorate the mosques. Geography was important because the muslims created more accurate maps, that helped the travelers to get information of a region’s location, physical features, and natural resources. Lastly mathematics helped the world because the Muslims help spread a very important number, 0. It was important also because of the muslim scholar who had invented the arabic numbers, which are used today. Without this useful innovations, it would be difficult to make such progress people would have in the modern

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