Differences Between The Spanish And Ottoman Empires

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The years 1450-1800 was a crazy, but significant time, for both the Spanish and Ottoman Empires. This period of around 400 years was a time full of change, in that both of these empires were claiming their territories, creating their governments, trading, undergoing social changes, and the establishing their wealth. However, these two empires became a dominant force throughout the world. Both had many similarities and differences in which we see politically, economically, and socially. Politically, both Empires used a social hierarchy system to conduct their government. Dependent zones were a prominent and growing aspect of political power throughout the world. Most dependent zones were not a part of a market economy, for they produced for a local subsistence. (McEwan) However, forced labor spread throughout the dependent zones for the need of cheap labor was needed to produce these unprocessed goods. (McEwan) South America began to rely on Spain, for Spain was a growing dependent zone. The encomienda system, created by the Spanish, was a try to regulate Indian labor when the Spanish were colonizing and trying to build their empire. This soon led to merchants and nobles to be on top of the political social hierarchy, in which they only reported to the King. For the Ottomans, they however, did not allow their slaves to have political power. Due to their religious beliefs, being extremely Islamic, they instead enslaved Janissaries, who were able to work in the government

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