Isolde Love Potion

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Because Isolde daughter was sad to leave all her family and friends behind in order to go to a new kingdom in which she did not know anyone. The purpose of this potion is that “whomever any man drank it he had to love [the person that drank it too] above all things, whether [they] wished it or no” (Strassburg, 192). But being more specific, the queen made this love potion in order for Isolde to be in love with Mark.

What went wrong here is that instead of Isolde and Mark took this potion, Isolde and Tristan drank it and fall in love. In fact, I take this part of the love potion as a metaphor, because there was already some attraction between them. Like Mr. McDonie says, “There are a lot of possibilities, as it turns out. Is it that moment

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