Essay on Israel and The Palestinians

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In the Middle East region, there is a single country that stands out from the rest, a beacon of light on the very edge of civilization; that country is Israel. A country surrounded on all sides by its sworn enemies, determined to bring about its downfall. These resilient people have not only survived this tumultuous area but have prospered, and in this short essay paper, we will examine the reasons why this is by primarily examining their culture. We are going to do this by taking a close look at several of the key components of their society; the geographical influences of the region, civil considerations of the people and their government and the military conflicts that not only shaped their country from the moment of its inception…show more content…
Compared to the surrounding countries, it should come as no surprise that the Israeli infrastructure is the best in the region. It has over 11,000 miles of paved roads on which over 2 million vehicles operate. Its communications systems are the highest developed in the Middle East despite numerous attacks against its infrastructure by terrorist organizations. It has numerous airports that service international travel, hundreds of miles of gas and oil pipelines, and a small merchant fleet that handles shipping concerns. It has numerous universities that consistently rank amongst the top 100 universities in the world; this has led to Israel leading the world in both stem cell research and space sciences of which are very high importance to the governing body of the Israeli people. Israel governs itself by a parliamentary democracy with three main branches of government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. The Executive branch is the main body of the Israeli government, and is responsible for the various government ministries that oversee the day-to-day operations of the country. The Legislative branch, known as the Knesset, essentially functions as the House of Representatives and is responsible for the process of introducing and passing new bills into law. The Judicial branch, as in the United States, is the courts and deals with cases of people charged with breaking the law in Israel by two types of cases: criminal and civil. They
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