Essay on Role of Geography in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The lust for territory seems to be the real source of conflict, and until one group is satisfied, the appearance of religious conflict will exist in the Middle East. It seems as if the real truth needs to be portrayed to the rest of the world about the true reason for the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is geography and ultimately water. The lack of water stems from the Great Syrian Rift Zone, and causes damage to Israeli land which ultimately decreases the amount of water that flows into the Red Sea. This lack of water causes Israel and other surrounding countries (Jordan, Lebanon, and the Occupied Territories) to only have one source of surface water, which is from Lake Kinnaret, or the Sea of Galilee that flows into the Jordan River.…show more content…
The use of the Hezbollah has greatly added to the continuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict and has limited cooperation in all regions. The Hezbollah also attracted U.S. attention after a suicide bomber killed over two hundred Marines in Beirut. In the end, the whole Arab-Israel conflict comes down to fighting for the Occupied Territories due to their overarching benefits. This conflict is not a religious struggle, but rather a struggle for territory and it will continue with war crimes and human rights violations for a long time until everyone in the Middle East is satisfied, which has a very low probability of occurring. EFFECTS ON REGIONAL AND GLOBAL SECURITY As one can see this issue directly impacts the Middle East because it drives all actions that develop there. Whatever attacks that come from this area are more than likely directly related the Arab-Israeli conflict. Recently a survey conducted in EU of 7,515 people in 15 EU countries said “yes”60% of the time to the question of if Israel presents a threat to peace. This percentage put Israel ahead of Iran, North Korea, and the U.S. each of which had a 53% “yes” vote. This survey, not knowing the sampling population, reflects a general notion that Israel is a threat to global security. This may or may not be true, but what is true is that the Arab-Israeli conflict is a threat to regional security, and some of the threats
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