Issabeth Taylor Analysis

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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f1\fmodern\fprq1\fcharset0 Arial;}} {\colortbl ;\red0\green0\blue0;} \viewkind4\uc1\pard\fi180\li90\cf1\fs28 I'm Emma, Emma Whitney. I had been an Resident Advisor (R.A.) and a student counselor going on four years. I have never had a student have failing grades their first year. I was determined to keep that record.\par \par Last year Issabeth Davenport seemed to not care if she had received failing grades in all of her classes or not. Several of her professors had asked me to see if there is anything that could be done to assist her, so her grades could reflect her capabilities. Issabeth is about five feet five, blond hair, slim but not too skinny. She has green eyes, and a smile that can kill. I was her resident advisor and her student counselor, which is rare for myself to be both.\par \par …show more content…

This time I had been a little more prepared to ask about problems in her personal life. It was on a Wednesday in late October when she entered my office wearing black see through blusas chiffon blouse, and black denim

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