Issues Facing Journalism Essay

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Issues Facing Journalism On May 31st, 2017, Donald J. Trump sent out a tweet of what amounts to nothing and a made-up word. However, what the media did with it shows one of the major issues facing journalism today. What Trump said was “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” and the internet went absolutely wild. While this tweet was sent in the middle of the night, it quickly spread and became a main story for not only the 31st, but also the subsequent days, as people attempted to decode what the President had been talking about. This was not the first tweet-based incident the president would come under fire for, nor would it be the last, but this specific example is an important one as it shows just how far journalism has strayed …show more content…

While most of the media coverage for the 31st of May pertained to the Covfefe tweet, some of the other headlines that day included a massive bombing in Afghanistan which killed 80 and wounded over 300; Trump escalating the feud with Germany over trade and NATO dues; and Trump deciding to pull the US out of the Paris Climate deal. All three of these issues impact the lives of readers and are not only newsworthy, but also important when considering the main principals of journalism. If a journalist’s loyalty is to the citizens, then their main focus should be on what impacts the citizens the most. Personally, the choice to fill the news cycle with nonsense about tweets and similar social-media mistakes can be linked to the diminishing trust in the news. If people assume that journalists are only going to write for the clicks and sacrifice integrity and important stories just to cover instances like this, why should they continue to trust them? The only truly important thing to come from this tweet was the law that deleting tweets as the president is illegal now. However, until delving into research on this issue, I was not aware that there was a law about that at all, because instead of covering that, the Huffington Post thought it was more important we all be aware that covfefe was actually a Samoan word, instead of saying the president misspelled ‘coverage’ and moving on to more important stories. If journalists have decided that

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