Issues That Affect Health Care Delivery

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Issues That Affect Health Care Delivery Introduction "The healthcare enterprise is one of the most important part of the U. S. social system and of our economic system as well".(Kovner and Knickman, 2011). A first defining characteristic of the health care enterprise is the line between activities directed at keeping people healthy and those directed at restoring health once the disease or injury occurs. The state of "health" is viewed differently by different people based upon the knowledge, religion, belief, and economy. There are also barriers to access to care like race, culture, sex and gender, education and resource availability.(Kovner & Knickman 2011).…show more content…
With the new health care reform nurses would play a role as care coordinators and case managers in the preventive care. Challenges and opportunities Chronic diseases are recognized as a major health challenge and have a lifelong burden on patients, family and the care providers. The health care reform will make the health care available to all, but motivating this population to access is upcoming issue need to be resolved. Opportunities are open to the patients to access the primary health care as needed which would keep them healthy and slow down the disease progression. More job opportunities to nurses and other health care providers will open in the community settings. Electronic medical records will provide the easy access to the health records among the providers which will decrease the resource use. Such records also can empower patients to participate actively in the management of their medical conditions.(Kovner & Knickman 2011). Conclusion The affordable health care act will focus on complex chronic illnesses. Good care coordination and sound preventive care and wellness management can help change lives for the better, and at the same time, allow our health care system to thrive and prosper while minimizing costs to the public. References Abelson, R. (2012, February 20). At risk patients Gain Attention of Health Insurers. New York Times. Retrieved from
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