It Governance And Management Ch15 Essay

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IT Governance and Management CH15 Several organizations spun off portions of their IT groups to create e-commerce departments intended to support the organization 's undertakings during the Internet frenzy from 1999 to 2001. Although different organizations will arrive at different distributions of these responsibilities, and an organization 's distribution may change over time, there is a fairly normative distribution. The organization 's compliance department could be charged with developing the organization 's response to new regulations. Among them are organizations that have developed information systems that defined an industry as has altered the retail industry, for example, organizations that have a reputation for being effective over decades, and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional ITinnovation. The studies suggest that organizations that aspire to high levels of effectiveness and innovation in their application of IT must take steps to ensure that the core capacity of the organization to achieve such effectiveness is developed. Factors Increasing the Value of IT Investments Weill and Broadbent studied firms that "Consistently achieve more business value for their information technology investment." This study noted that these organizations were excellent or above average in five characteristics: Commitment to the strategic and effective application of IT. This commitment was wide known within each organization. In the organizations

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