The Analysis Focuses On The Teabella`S Internal Organization

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The analysis focuses on the TeaBella`s internal organization and what it can do, demonstrating the strategic management process, competitive advantage that continues to create value present a uniqueness of core competencies to increase the chances of opportunities externally
The role of firm resources, capabilities, and core competencies to provide a foundation for creating strategic interventions to empower and diversify the lives of individual, groups, and organization. The relationship amongst these concepts in developing sustainable competitive advantage are recognized and execute in accordance to relevance. The Core competencies of the organization include Problem Solving, Management and Ethical Practice and Interpersonal skills and …show more content…

The strengths TeaBella are the functional capacity of the Team. Team work is a great asset and creates balance. The workload easily distributed amongst team members, the expectation of quality production is universally set. There is a weakness with thin our strength of team work sometimes the coordination of deliverable, and breakdown within communication. Often within a project there are many moving pieces which makes effective communication difficult. Though there can never be a perfect system the obstacles are combatted with effective changes usage of outlook, office sharing software’s, and weekly check-ins. Virtual consulting can be a vulnerable asset when working in various timelines and meeting deliverables. For an organization to be successful in any market, they must create value for their clients. This value can be created using a new strategy, new technology or some other ‘gimmick’ but to sustain this value (and the competitive advantage it brings), organizations must develop and maintain an engaged, knowledgeable and creative workforce (Afiouni, 2007). The success of products relies heavily on the internal operation of TeaBella. Ensuring that the Internal systems evolve in effective ways to serve different customer segments can be costly, and without trial and error you cannot find the systems best applicable. Even then some provisions can prove effective in one area and not in others having the products to uniquely deliver

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