It Is Beneficially Correct to Place Sensors on Employees

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The question has been asked if the sensors being placed on employees is truly beneficial. Now, it is time that people can sleep soundly at night knowing the answer. Although certain employees believe these sensors are an invasion of privacy, there are an abundant amount of perks. Consequently, putting sensors on employees is beneficial because they inform how and when employees are most efficient, utilize group dynamics data, and overall, can make the work teams a cut above the rest. As employers, they look for people to be efficient as they work. Sometimes however, the American notion, “that your most productive time is when your sitting at your desk…” is not relevant in everyone’s case. With the sensors, companies can see what setting people are efficient working in, this is the ultimate goal as an employer; to get the employees in their most productive state of mind. The author remarks that, “the (conversations) at the water cooler, coffee maker—those are the ones that have the biggest impact.” Here it can be seen that employees are human beings, not cogs in a system. Humans are unpredictable and are not all the same. So, as employers want their workers to be productive at their desks, this isn't always the case. However, if instead of staring at the expressionless face of a computer, the employees prefer talking casually to co-workers, the sensors are the tool to use. This is because, “the sensors identify a person’s tone of voice, movement and even their posture…” Such
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