It Looks As If Morris Is Going To Die Any Second Judging

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It looks as if Morris is going to die any second judging by his physical appearance, and how many machines are hooked up to him. Doug departs. INT. HALLWAY - DAY Doug knocks his knuckles onto the nurse’s station, waiting for a nurse. A few moments later. Olivia points to Morris’s room. Doug shakes his head, pointing to Morris in the picture (the photo that was on Morris’s desk). Olivia points to Morris’s room. DOUG Are you certain this is him? OLIVIA Yes sir. Doug makes eye contact with Morris -- he’s emotionless. INT. MORRIS’S PRIVATE BEDROOM - DAY A moment of silence between the two men. Doug tries to process how this is his friend. Morris stares at the ceiling, just blinking. DOUG This...this wasn’t supposed to happen. Pause.…show more content…
SANDY (CONT’D) Hi honey. Sandy greets her husband hello with a kiss. INT. MORRIS’S PRIVATE BEDROOM - NIGHT Sandy skims through a real estate magazine. Morris is sleeping. Dr. Yish enters, standing tall, his persona exhibits overconfidence. Olivia stands next to Dr. Yish but she’s much shorter in height. Dr. Yish clears his throat. Evidently demanding attention. Morris wakes up. Dr. Yish points to Morris’s left leg. DR. YISH Move your leg. Morris tries to muster up all the strength he has to move his leg. But it won’t budge. Dr. Yish nods his head. DR. YISH (CONT’D) Hmmm... He points to Morris’s right leg, closely studying him. DR. YISH (CONT’D) Move this one. It doesn’t move. Olivia takes notes on her clipboard. DR. YISH (CONT’D) Move your left arm. Nothing happens. Olivia documents the evidence. DR. YISH (CONT’D) Now the other one. No movement is shown. But Morris tries with all of his force to move each body part. Olivia checks off the “failed to move” box for each body part. DR. YISH (CONT’D) He can’t move anything, let’s move on. Morris rapidly blinks his eyes. OLIVIA Want to say something Morris? Morris blinks his eyes once for yes. Olivia holds up the alphabet card. Dr. Yish looks at his 1980 watch. DR. YISH Make it fast, I have other patients to see. LATER: Olivia puts the alphabet board down. OLIVIA Morris said by, “December he’ll walk on his own two feet and shake your

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