It Was A Beautiful Day

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It was a beautiful day in Miami, Florida. Im Jessica and im 16. It was a regular day at school we had a math test and nothing else special happened. During my fifth period it was hot and in Miami it gets really hot during the summer. I think I started getting dizzy and hit my head on the basketball pole. The next thing I know I wake up but I 'm not in my P.E uniform. I 'm in this blue frilly dress in the middle of the woods. Everything started to change I knew it. When I look back up from looking at my dress I 'm not in the woods anymore. Im in my grandmothers attic. I hated this place, I always dreamt of this woman who keeps telling me to stay and that I will stay with her for eternity. I will try and run away from her but it 's like I…show more content…
I didn’t care she was just creepy so when my parents were not home I put Mabel in a garbage bag and threw her away.Then I started to remember all of the happy times I was with Mabel and then I could breath. My feet were back on the ground. When I turned around she was on the ground with her blonde hair, all of her limbs, and her face was as smooth and perfect as a pearl. I was happy but I was terrified thinking that this is not a regular dream I 'm stuck in my own head. Wondering how to get out my doll started to talk she said “ If you want a way out just have hope”. After she said that I blinked and she 's gone. I didn 't know what she meant by just have hope? I heard this feminine giggle, and I knew it was her. She was behind me I ran but every way I turn she would be their. behind the old couch, in back of all the boxes, she would be their. I finally gave up yelling to come and just kill me already. I look up their she is. I tell her to kill me already to not suffer. She just stares. She politely says “Hello”. I just stare. She said hello again. After a few seconds I finally get up and wipe the tears away. I said “Who are you and why are you always in my dreams” “You don’t remember me?” she said sadly. “No I don’t”I said trying to think harder. Then I have this spark in my head. I remember Ana a friend I had in my head that was everywhere with me, and no one else saw her but me. She smiles and said “ You remember don 't you. I was always in your
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