It’S Been 19 Years Since My Parents Decided To Settle Down

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It’s been 19 years since my parents decided to settle down in Houston, Texas to raise me. I was born in El Salvador and was barely two years old when my parents decided to board a plane to the United States and never looked back. About three years after that, my little brother decided to join the family. I have lived in Houston all my life, but people are still surprised when I tell them I wasn’t born here. I think most people expect me to have an accent or speak a choppy version of English. I was lucky enough to be raised by a diligent mother who made sure I learned English. Growing up, I basically learned Spanish and English at the same time. While my parents and family spoke Spanish to me, television, movies, and my aunt, who was the …show more content…

It may not be the best but it’s her best. I should remember she didn’t have the advantage of growing up learning the language like I did, since it’s harder for adults to learn things, especially a whole other language. But sometimes I forget that and I let myself get embarrassed.
It was freshman year of high school and all I wanted was to make friends and look and be "cool". It was a couple months in and I already had made several new friends and I couldn 't be any happier. As freshmen, we were all fourteen of fifteen and all we could talk about was going out, how much our parents got on our nerves, Quinceñeras, clothes, shoes, and whatever was in and trending at that time. Like any other teenager, I wanted and cared about what others thought of me. School was heading towards the middle of the year so it was time for that dreadful open-house night where students had to drag their parents to each of their classrooms and meet the teachers and the other aspects of the school. Of course, this was not mandatory, but teachers knew that if they gave us a good reason, like a free homework grade, students would be more enticed to drag their parents and themselves and endure the school’s open-house night. So of course, I brought my mom since I thought that I still had time to catch up on my grades and that free homework grades would save me and my cringe worthy grades.
We walked into the school and I introduced my mom to some of my friends. The first three that we met knew

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