Italian Business Essay

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Xavier J. Long Anthony Wright III Shawn Dunnings Business In Italy 1)Time(Punctuality) In italy the time is 6 hours before eastern standard time.The usual business hours are from 8 or 9 to 1 o'clock. Bank hours are from 8:30 to 1:30 so really people at work don’t be at work for a long time. Also they are off on sundays. Italians like to so many things at once. July and August aren’t good months for business. They are bad months for business because most business firms are closed for people who are on vacation. Punctuality is not a priority for Italians. Delay should always be expected when you work in an Italian business. In particular, do not take a small delay as a sign of lack of respect. As a general …show more content…

The bigger coin has bigger value... the 1 cent coin is very small. Changing money into Euro: it is expensive to change foreign currency in Italy, exchange bureau fees are high. Banks will only exchange currency for their own customers. Paying with travellers’ cheques is no longer accepted and they are almost impossible to change. If you do find somewhere that will change them, expect to pay very high fees. 3) Important Holidays Public holidays in Italy are determined primarily by two Acts of parliament as well as by collective and individual employment agreements. Act 260/1949 and Act 50/1954 created four national public holidays as well as 11 other holidays. The Labour Laws of Italy require that all employers provide their employees with a paid day off for nationally recognized holidays. If the employee is required to work on a national holiday, they are required to receive a pay rate of double their current salary for every hour worked on that date. Italy also celebrates regional holidays. Every major city in Italy closes for their patron saint day. These are nationally recognized holidays in those areas and employers are required to provide a paid day off for those dates. Smaller towns generally celebrate the patron saint day of the closest large

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