Italy During The World War II

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While Italy was first in triple alliance 1882 made up with Austria-Hungary and Germany, Italy had signed the secret Treaty of London. In this treaty Britain had offered Italy large sections of territory in the Adriatic Sea region – Tyrol, Dalmatia and Istria. Britain and France wanted Italy to join in on their side so that a new front could open up the south of the Western Front. As a result, Italy switched sides and started to fight against Central Powers. As the time transferred to WWII, Italy was criticized for their disappointing performance on every aspects of the war. Mussolini’s lack of leadership, key resources shortage, and lack of military force were the main causes. In my opinion, Italy entered World War II for economy…show more content…
Italian foreign policy continued to be assertive and Mussolini was more aggressive diplomatically. He pursued a more clearly Fascist foreign policy from the mid-1930s: glorification of war for its own sake, pursuit of imperial expansion, and a move away from diplomacy and cooperation. I have asked myself why the Boss is so taken with Hitler. [Mussolini] has searched breathlessly for the last ten years or so, wherever the might be found, for “allies” for a revolutionary foreign policy destined to create a “new order” in Europe, a new order of which He considers himself supreme Pontiff not only in the spiritual but also in the material sense… An international action founded exclusively on the Party, on the Regime, on a revolutionary ideology. According to this quote, Mussolini was satisfied with the alliance with Germany, his idea, his foreign policy, and his ambition were perfectly making progress. He moved away from his relatively good relationship with the British, instead fostering closer ties to Hitler’s Germany. This led to a series of agreements including the Pact of Steel and Rome-Berlin Axis. From a history textbook, it said that when he came to power in 1922, Mussolini wanted to control Italian foreign policy himself. In 1929, once his authority seemed secure, he appointed Dino Grandi as foreign minister. He decided to cut off all relations with other friendly countries which required much courage because there was no second chance for hime to change. Once he
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