Ithaca College Application Essay

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Recently, my appeal for more financial aid has been rejected. While this is a disappointment, I would like to further explain my situation as to why I am asking for more financial help. While I first started the college process, I was engaged and eager to finally step out of my comfort zone. After researching Ithaca for the past years and visiting during accepted students day, I knew that Ithaca College was the best fit for me. The idea of living there on my own for the next four years seemed like a great opportunity to develop my independence and to gain new experiences. Unfortunately, the opportunity of attending Ithaca isn’t as simple as I want it to be. As a first generation student, I am the first out of my family to attend college. Throughout…show more content…
Unfortunately, being first generation has effected my ability to attend Ithaca, a place where I know I will succeed. At Ithaca, I will strive within its small classes and family like community. I plan on participating in numerous clubs to explore and enhance who I am as an individual. Working with the Ithacan newspaper and communications program is something I would like to partake in as I vision myself as a future journalist. The opportunities at Ithaca aren’t only endless, but most importantly, satisfying to my desires. However, committing to 30k is truthfully too much for my single mother to pay, plus taking out loans. As I plan to individually contribute towards college expenses, I am wondering if another reconsideration of my financial aid is possible. In addition, attached is an image of my financial aid award from Goucher college. In no way am I asking for a close match in aid, however I hope this all will be taking into consideration. My heart is set on attending Ithaca and I believe I will thrive. Any final decision made will be greatly
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