Ivory Coast Produces the Most Cocao Beans and Trafficking of Children

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Chocolate industry has brought over 80 billion pounds of revenue to the economy. Western countries are the main consumer in terms of chocolate consumption, and Ivory Coast is the biggest cocoa producer supplying 60% of world’s cocoa beans. More than 10 million people rely on the cocoa beans productions in Ivory Coast, however there are uses of child trafficking and force them into slave labour. Children are malnutrition and they are working under very poor conditions and environment, using hazardous equipment such as machete without proper safety regulation. The use of child labour violates the definition of fair trade according to world fair trade organization: fair trade is a fair partnership designed to aid producers in developing countries; helps contribute to sustainability by offering better trading conditions and securing rights of workers. In my opinion this issue is very serious and should be taken action internationally, children are ignored and have to work in horrendous conditions which defy the Catholic Principles of Social Justice – human dignity, active involvement, rights to work and the common good. Social justice is ignored in this video, especially human dignity. The Catholic Principle of Social Justice states that principle of human dignity “every person has the right to have their primary needs fulfilled: food, shelter, clothing, education and work.” In the video, the trafficked children are living in poor condition with no access to electricity, clean

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