Ethics and Archer Daniels Midland

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4. Consider the bill that Representative Engle and Senator Harkin attempted to enact into a law, but which never became a law because of the lobbying efforts of the chocolate companies. What does this incident show about the view that “to be ethical it is enough for business people to follow the law “?
Human trafficking and child abuse are major problems along the west coast of Africa. Cocoa plantations are so notorious for the use of forced child labor (and forced adult labor) that U.S. Representative Eliot Engel and Senator Tom Harkin created a protocol to end child slavery and initiate labeling for products that are produced “slave free.” A joint committee was formed and called the International Cocoa Initiative, with the aim to have a
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What do we mean? Look at the words independent of the definition, and consider how each person creates his or her own ethical boundaries. Besides, moral principles were clearly differing from person to person; wars are predicated on these notions. For the philosophy it is a belief system or theory. "Right and wrong" about anyone with an opinion can attest to the disparities between two or more people in this arena.

In term of motives, one person might differ from circumstance to circumstance. The "Consequences" are often based on a fear of negative ramifications established through ones religious or philosophical beliefs and/or the norms, mores and rules of one’s community. So, from where we stand, it’s a very persona definition about the knowledge of which helps define the choices we make, the goals we achieve and the path our lives take. The shapes of our view of ethics are from everything. Our experiences (or lack of), peers, religious beliefs, edicts from a power we deem higher than ourselves. For example, international law or a Supreme Consciousness which people to whom we are exposed, for better or worse, and our decision to seek out models of ethical behaviour are all examples of how we shape our ethical portfolios.
In conclusion, Ethics is a specialized study of moral right and wrong. It concentrates on moral standards as

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