JSA Personal Statement

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The Junior State of America (JSA) is the largest student-run organization in the country dedicated to youth civic engagement and political involvement. Founded in 1934, the nonprofit JSA has fostered over 500,000 student leaders through its school year academic program and its summer programs. During the school year, JSA functions as an extracurricular activity at high schools. JSA hosts overnight conventions during the school year to provide a platform for high school students to come together and contemplate the issues facing our society. In the summertime, JSA hosts summer programs at colleges so students can study advanced courses in government, politics, media, and international relations. Through joining this organization my freshman year, I have become a more confident public speaker. When I first joined JSA, I was a shy freshman who was afraid to voice my opinions because I was scared of being judged. I always sat in the back of the classroom because I was a listener and follower. As I attended more JSA conferences, I began to see the power of …show more content…

With JSA’s student-run nature, I have taken on meaningful leadership roles in the Northeast region of JSA for the past two years. My junior year, I served as the Northeast Director of Logistics. I was responsible for organizing and executing three overnight conventions in Boston, Washington D.C., and Stamford. I directed over seven-hundred delegates to convention activities, found food options for delegates, researched transportation for delegates, and maintained luggage storage. This year, I am the Chief of Staff of the Northeast region, in which I work with the Governor to supervise a cabinet of sixteen student leaders to carry out JSA’s daily operations in the New England and New York region. In this capacity, I learned how to work with a diverse group of students from all different

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