Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy Essay

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Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy Introduction The Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Company, founded in the 1880’s, is a producer of dried meat snacks that prides itself in the distribution of convenient, high-quality snack foods. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is the fastest growing meat snack manufacturer in the world and sells more than 100 different meat snack products in more than forty countries. According to the company’s mission statement, this family-run business basis its principles and traditions on hard work, integrity and a commitment to earn consumer respect by delivering the best tasting meat snacks in the world. (Link, 2013) Over the years, the company has been forced to tailor its marketing towards an ever-changing…show more content…
(Link’s, 2013) The company also gears it campaigning efforts to children by offering various popular flavors that appeal to a younger palate and by offering a lovable character in its advertising. This effort to appeal to children is two-fold; first, children have increasing buying power as they are earning or receiving money of their own to spend as they wish, and second, children have a large influence on what purchases their parent’s make. Note the following claims on the purchasing power of the American Youth: * Teens in the US spend around $160 billion a year * Children (up to 11) spend around $18 billion a year * “Tweens” (8-12 year olds) “heavily influence” more than $30 billion in other spending by parents, and “80 percent of all global brands now deploy a tween strategy.” * Children (under 12) and teens influence parental purchases totaling over $130-670 billion a year (Shah, 2010) Like many companies, marketing to children has proven to be quite profitable; not only in the short-term, as previously explained, but also in long-term goals as children and teenagers become the consumers of tomorrow. By appealing to young consumers whose parents might not be willing to purchase the product for them, they are planting the seeds for future sales when the young targeted audience becomes able to make purchases on their own. Justification Jack Link’s utilizes various brand personalities in
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