Jackson Pollock Created The Painting White Light With The

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Jackson Pollock created the painting White Light with the use of oil, enamel and aluminum paint on a 48 ¼ x 38 ¼” (122.4 x 96.9 cm) canvas in the year 1954, using a technique known as drip painting. It is said to be his last completed work before his untimely death in 1956. To understand White Light one must delve into the world of the Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock. When one looks at the painting White light, an array of colors spring off the canvas and permeate one’s senses. The primary and intense color of red is softened by the primary colors of yellow and blue. While the tertiary color of green subtly takes its place among the hues to give some balance. The perceivable tones of black and white add value and seem to give some…show more content…
White Light has numerous colors and one can estimate that there are seven colors seen with the naked eye red, yellow, blue, green, grey, white, and black, although tint and shade vary, some of the colors are darker or lighter in value due to the fact that they have been blended into one another. Determining the colors requires a person to look not only on the surface but analyze each layer to arrive at a conclusion of color usage. Pollock dripped paint onto the canvas straight from the tubes which the originated from. Those tubes were also used to create soft peaks and layers to make the artists’ work texturally as intriguing as the color choices. He also used a stick instead of a paintbrush to cast the mediums onto the canvas. Another interesting fact is that Pollock painted with his canvas on the floor to feel a direct connection with his art. White light delivers a visually stunning and sensory rich evocation of what art should emanate. The work is energetic and passionately wild. When one looks at the painting it is clear to see all the emotions Pollock holds inside and the desire to keep the pain, torment and other sentiments at bay in order to continue being productive and have some semblance of peace. White Light is a visual representation of this fact and even though the artist tries
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