Jacob : A Friend That I Have Known Only For The Last Half Of My Friend Jacob

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Jacob Rogers is a friend that I have known only for the last half of my high school career, but he and I have become close despite the short time period. He is now a freshman attending the University of Michigan. He is intelligent He is from Atlanta, Georgia and his dad is actually a Lutheran pastor. However, after many conversations with him before this initial interview I knew it was going to be interesting: he doesn’t buy this whole “Jesus” thing. Jacob was more than willing to expand on his skeptical view of this “Jesus person”, even though he had grown up in the church since birth. Jesus for my friend Jacob is “just this guy that maybe had lived a long time ago. To be honest, there really is little evidence that Jesus existed besides the Bible, which the Bible in its entirety seems too far fetched.” Jacob is incredibly smart, and during our conversation I made sure that I was doing more of listening than questioning his every outlook on who Jesus was. We have a dramatic difference in who Jesus is, so I wanted to make sure I still respected his view. Something that I was really intrigued by was despite him growing up in the church for his whole life, what were the things that turned him off from participating in the Church. He explained, “to be honest, I just don’t see the benefits. Yes, I’ve heard countless of testimonies and professions of people turning their life around when Jesus found them, but I’ve also heard countless of stories of people who turned their life

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