Respiratory Issues In Older Adults

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The older adult population is facing a time in life when their health is slowly declining the older they get. However, this one older adult is doing all that he can to slow down that steady decline in his overall health. He stays physically active every day, completing tasks such as home construction, farming, auto mechanics, arts and crafts, as well as fiddling with electronic gadgets. At the young age of 66 years old, he has noticed how his grip strength has slightly lessened over the years but he does not let it stop him from being active. He has ongoing respiratory issues sustained from his early years of working in hazardous conditions. He has been on respiratory medications for nearly 20-30 years, yet at this age he knows how to control …show more content…

Being the son and a brother of preachers, he hasn’t always been the type of person to go “running to church.” But he has realized that there is a higher purpose and some greater being that is directly his steps. He is not a ‘religious’ person per say because “those people follow old traditions that have no real meaning.” As a rational thinker, he depends on knowing how to read the Word and ask God for clarity in all his situations. Mentally, he appeared stable and able to answer every question on topic and using sensible language. He does not state having any mental health issues from a personal or professional diagnosis. His mood does not change with age but with circumstance, just as a young adult. He displays the correct emotion for the situation. He appeared a bit sad when talking about his mother and brothers’ deaths; he appeared joyful when talking about his hobbies and his youngest children. Overall, it seems as though the declines that come with aging are not as evident in him as he just turned 66 in October and he has been an active person his entire life. He may start to notice greater declines as he gets further from age 65, but until then he plans to keep moving as it has seemed to work in his favor over the

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