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Jacqui originally went to university for art and history, not knowing exactly what she wanted to do, but knowing she would someday become an artist of some kind. She realized halfway through her first year that the university she was attending wasn't giving her what she felt she needed; criticism, feedback, etc.
She spoke to a friend who was attending Sheridan College for illustration and she saw what amazing works being done by students. Life drawings, painting, all the foundational skills to becoming an artist were being covered, as well as students being permitted to use all sorts of mediums to express themselves.
She finished her first year at university and immediately applied to Sheridan's Illustration program,
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Jacqui found herself influenced by many people at different times in her life. Her first mentionable influence were peers from Sheridan College, helping and guiding each other along through the program. Even after graduation they would meet and encourage each other through struggles related to their professions. She found it comforting to know that she wasn't the only student who hadn't been able to jump into the Illustration field, and was thankful for the peers that stood by and understood.
In her more recent years, she makes mention of her husband being an influence in her day to day life. They are both artists, he is a designer and a painter, and they have studios across from one another in their home. He is always reminding her of what she's expressed about wanting to accomplish and she hopes she is also a large influence in his life. They make sure that they don't overthink or get hung up on things that cannot be changed and are not within their grasps. They give each other advice and feedback, always being
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