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Name: Jairo Alberto Morales Tena
Registration: 2675027
Course title:
English V
Teacher’s name:
Jazmin Aracely Bazaldua Izaguirre
Leisure and Travel
Homework 8 Money
Date: 10/22/2014
Talcott, C. et all. (2007) Target Score Second edition. Cambridge University Press

Objective: Complete the exercises from unit 8 from our student book.

1. Complete the exercises of unit 8
2. Draw up the conclusion.

Vocabulary Builder
A Look at the advertisement. Which of the verbs (1-5) could be replaced by the following synonyms or definitions?
Make – carry out purchase – take out handle – deal with discuss/explain – go through had mechanical problems – broken down

B Combine the verbs in box 1 …show more content…

Look at their use in the sentences below. In which of the three categories (a, b, or c) would you include them?
A Possible b Impossible c Certain

1 Customers can't withdraw more than $300 a day in cash. __b___
2 It can take at least a month before a home loan is approved. __a___
3 The insurance company will charge you for the whole year even if you don't deice to cancel after the first month. __c___
4 To cash a check for more than $200, clients may be asked to provide ID. _a___
5 It could be difficult to get your associates to agree to those conditions. __a__
6 We shall need written confirmation of the transfer request. __c___
7 You might find it more convenient to do your banking by phone. _a__
8 The bank won't cover overdrafts beyond the specified limit. __c__ B Read the sentences and choose the correct answer (a or b).
1 It ____b_____ take longer than two days to process your applications.
A couldn't B shouldn't
2 We ___a______ lend you an additional $1000 if you maintain your credit record.
A can B won't
3 They've promised that all the paperwork ____a__ be ready before next week.
A will B may
4 It _____a______ be better to ask if you can repay the money in installments.
A might B shall
5 I'm afraid that we __a___ accept payment in cash.
A can't B mightn't
6 The local bank closes at six so I____b_____be able to get there in time.
A can B should

Conclusion: Being weak in grammar poses a great challenge to

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