Jamaica Kincaid Girl Essay

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Saying you are grown can mean nothing to a mother. If you are her child, you will always be her child no matter if you are 5 or 55. You always will have a special bond with your mother because she was really your first best friend. There will always be arguments and disagreements but at the end of the day, she will always be there if you need her. A touchy subject that you may hear about the most are mother-daughter relationships.
Some are good, some are horrid. Some mothers get along like a best friend would with their daughter, and some could step on them like a door mat. Mostly we can see that mothers always try to encourage the “right thing.” In the story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid we see a mother-daughter relationship that seems to be …show more content…

Maybe it is what she went through herself. She shows kind of an instant that girls will be judged on what they do as they start maturing and getting older. Some can make mistakes but that’s the point in having a good relationship with your mother to get through the hardships in life. I think Kincaid wrote the short story in the eyes of the relationship to show how a mother always thinks “she knows best.” When a girl is growing up, mothers need to realize they need to think of the time that they were in their shoes and just make sure she isn’t going to end up getting hurt. You have to have rules, but with those rules have to have the compromise. There needs to be a lot of talking and no down grading. I don’t think a mother should ever make a girl feel less of herself. It isn’t easy getting older. I think that a young girl always needs someone. Sometimes it may be the case that a mother is a single mother and she is doing everything on her own, and that can actually make it harder for both of them. It may make it harder for their relationship to stay positive as well in the long run. But through it all, I do think that a girl will always need her mother and there will always be a bond that she won’t be able to have with anyone

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