My Family Relationship

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Once a close friendship is built with someone, eventually, a relationship with their mothers has to be established; whether it is a close or just a comfortable relationship. We all have felt or acted a certain way toward our friends’ mothers. The friendships I have established with some of my friend’s moms are handled at different extremities, ranging from “nice weather we’re having” to the coffee talks. Each has a different personality that allows us to classify them into certain groups; some are cool like the one you are unusually close to. There are also those mothers in which you try to limit conversation like the one that thinks she is cool and the one that barely partakes in verbal interactions, the strict mom. The mother you are unusually close to could have heart-to-hearts with you even when your friend is not present for a long period of time. You could easily talk about politics, your lifestyle, etc. If she were the same age as you, it is likely the two of you would be close friends who hang out all the time. She welcomes you into the family and her home always. The way she dresses is classy chic; she wears black heels from Louis Vuitton, skinny faux leather pants, and a red flowy shirt. My friend’s mom never failed to welcome me excitingly at the door, especially when we haven’t seen each other in a while. Needless to say, I was very excited to go to her house mainly because I wanted to see her mom. It was an unusual “friendship” her mother and I had.

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