Jamba Juice Case Study

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1. Conduct an environmental scan for Jamba Juice as it considers a new juice bar to open near your university. Identify factors that you think have an impact on the juice bar market, and indicate whether these factors would tend to enhance opportunities or represent threats.
Evaluating information on events occurring outside the organization and identifying trends is environmental scanning. Trends are determined through the forces of social, economic, technological, competitive and regulatory sources. In some of my research on this subject, I found reference to the term PESTLE analysis which involves six different environments for assessment: political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment.
Environmental scanning involves an organization to look at any trend, opportunity or threat that could create issues for their company. Once any of these issues are identified, the organization should consider new strategies that react to these external factors. Issues should be examined that involve not only direct customers and suppliers, but also competitors, any changes in regulations and possible political involvement. External factors will be constantly changing so environmental scanning should occur frequently and regularly to ensure the current issues have been captured. Research and data analysis can help drive decisions regarding overall marketing changes that might be necessary.
The fact that the juice bar would be located near/on a university

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