James Bond Characteristics

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The creator of James Bond put a lot of not only effort into creating the character, but also a lot of his heart and soul. It could be argued that James Bond is an image creation of Ian Fleming. That Fleming created an autobiography through James Bond without actually making an autobiography. Without these elements of Fleming within Bond, it’s quite possible to say Bond and his story lines might not have been as successful as they are. One of these elements seemed to have more of an effect on not just one of the story lines, but all the story lines.
Smoking is a sign of stress to most people. It can be used to calm them. Once they have taste of how it calms them they are hooked and never let it go. Some start and can never stop, others pick it up and put it back down with no problems at all. At one point and time or another most people hold or attempt to smoke a cigarette at least once in their lifetime. For the longest time cigars or cigarettes were used in social settings. You’d sit down and talk and have a smoke. You were uncool if you didn’t have one between your fingers. Whether or not one of the mentioned reasons is why Ian Fleming picked up cigarettes and never put them down is a question we can attempt to answer with the given details of who James Bond is.
The two were compared saying Bond, in the novels smoked an average of sixy cigarettes a day and Fleming topping that with an average of eighty cigarettes a day. Not only did James Bond and Ian Fleming both smoke,

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