James Madison : The Oldest Of 12 Children

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James Madison, born in 1751 in Orange County, Virginia, was America’s fourth president, he served from 1809 - 1817. He wrote The Federalist Paper, with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. Many people referred to him as The Father of The Constitution because of his many contributions to the ratification of the Constitution.
James Madison was the oldest of 12 children. In 1762 he was sent to a boarding school. When he returned home, his father got him a private tutor because he was concerned about his health and well being. In 1769, He enrolled in the college of New Jersey (now known as princeton university). While attending he studied many subjects such as latin, science and philosophy, along with other subjects. Although he officially …show more content…

James Madison, along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote a series of special letters known as The Federalist Papers in an effort to get the constitution ratified.
In 1789 he earned a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, he became an important force behind the Bill of Rights, and submitted his suggestions for the amendments to the Constitution to Congress in 1789. He wanted to ensure that americans had the freedom of speech, were protected against searches and seizures, and received a speedy and public trial. A revised version of his proposal was adopted soon after, following much debate.
Originally, a supporter of George Washington, James Madison soon found himself at odds with Washington due to financial issues. He and Thomas Jefferson campaigned against the creation of a central federal bank, claiming it was unconstitutional, yet despite all efforts, the measure was passed by 1791. Around this time, they abandoned the Federalist party and created their political entity, the Democratic-Republican party.
In 1801 James Madison joined the administration of Thomas Jefferson, and served as his secretary of state. He supported Jefferson, in his efforts to expand the borders with the Louisiana Purchase, and the explorations of these new lands by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. While Great Britain and France were at war, American vessels were

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