James Petrie Mackenzie

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Introduction In 1875 James Petrie Mackenzie traveled by boat for a better life from Scotland to New Zealand. James left Scotland because of the unhealthy environments, there was also not much land at the time or money to go around. Overpopulated cities were also a problem. These push factors caused many Scots to leave their homeland in search of better conditions. New Zealand offered many pull factors. There was an abundance of cheap land, more job opportunities, a better lifestyle and in many cases free passage to New Zealand.

Background of ancestor My ancestor who immigrated from Scotland in 1867,was James Petrie Mackenzie. James was born in Aberdeen Scotland on 31 October 1850, he also grew up in Kincardine for many years. James was a blacksmith like his father before him and his father before him
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At the time there was a large amount of land for sale and new settlements were being built which required skilled workers to help build roads, schools, and churches, for an example my ancestor James helped to build a railway line from Marton to New Plymouth. A history of this line shows it was built in stages with the New Plymouth to Stratford section being built in the early 1880’s.

Pull factor 2
Another pull factor that led scots to New Zealand was that New Zealand offered higher wages and much more job opportunities than Scotland did. Letters from family members about higher wages in New Zealand Encouraged the Scots to emigrate over to New Zealand.

Decision of pull factor there were much more opportunities elsewhere in the world for most scottish people like, for much more healthy environments, and a better lifestyle, and were many skilled and hard working people could earn better and more money, and because there was not enough money paying with their jobs at the time,most families would struggle to feed and clothe their
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