Jamie Fielder Essay

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Superpowers. Life would function a lot easier if everyone possessed these incredible abilities. Sadly though, these abilities live in the mythical worlds of comic books and movies. Even though some people are led to believe that their lives would be a million times better with these capabilities, they would not be. Life may contain hard times and good times, although, the way those times are handled is what really matters. There is one woman in this world who conquered obstacle after obstacle and has found the way to deal with anything she faces. She was able to find the perfect balance between family, friends, work, and volunteering in her life, and her name is Jamie Fielder. No matter what the job or activity, Jamie does it full time. Jamie …show more content…

Originally she attended the University of Rhode Island to become a special education teacher, although she left school with her degree in nursing. The rather large change in career choices was driven by one of Jamie’s biggest act with her superpowers. During Jamie’s attendance at URI her father-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease- a disorder that affects the central nervous system that often causes tremors and affects muscle movements. It was taking care of her father-in-law that really brought the superhero light out in her. Day in and day out she would be by his side whenever he needed her. Also, at the time Jamie was going through an extremely rigorous program to become licensed in the field of nursing. Without a doubt, during this point her life there was a lot going on, despite it all though, she went through the time better than most would have. Now invision that moment in the movie or comic book when all hope seems lost, but in spite of all of it, the superhero comes and helps the ones in need and saves the day. Jamie did just that to the best of her ability for her father-in-law until his very sorrowful but inevitable death from Parkinson’s

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