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The late 1800s was a time when many immigrants were coming to America, social classes were being distinguished, and a great deal of prejudice was sweeping over the United States. The upper and middle classes had extreme advantages over the lower class, which consisted of a large number of immigrants. These lower class individuals were looked down upon by the prestigious upper class, who were brought up with the best of everything for their time period. Despite her family’s honorable place in society, one woman rose above the gap between the classes in order to help individuals, who were less fortunate than she. Her name was Jane Addams and this paper will focus on her life-long contributions to help the poor. Jane Addams was born on …show more content…
This experience filled her head with ideas for her home state of Chicago.
When she returned back to the states, Addams and her good friend, Ellen Starr observed the many slums of Chicago. While doing this, her mind was focused on starting a settlement house in Chicago. “Chicago seemed the place to look; it had large Italian colonies, and though bluff and grasping, it still remembered the easy democracy of the prairies” (Wise 128). “The once prosperous neighborhood had become home to thousands of European immigrants who had fled their native countries hoping to find a better life in America” (Kittredge 17). After Addams picked out her house, Starr and herself renovated and decorated it with great excitement. “Jane Addams had dreamed of serving humanity” (Kittredge 15). She got this opportunity with the opening of her Hull House on September 18, 1889. This settlement house became a place of opportunities for many of the poverty-stricken people of Chicago. Jane Addams supported most of this house from her own pocket. However, she got help from many volunteers, who wanted to help the poor as Jane had done. “By the end of the year twenty volunteers lived at Hull House, and others reported in on a weekly basis” (Kittredge 48). Hull House offered much to the poor people of Chicago. It had nursery schools, kindergartens, club meetings, craft classes, classes of art and music, and job placement

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