Jane Austen 's Sense And Sensibility

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Recently, women around the world established and portrayed their ability to perform in the workforce and as independents; various female writers paved the way for this sense of respect toward women and an overall female reformation. Although women were mainly acknowledged for their domestic role in the home and their social role as secondary to their husband, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility illustrates the fullness of female capability while breaking the captive social role of women in this time; Austen accomplishes this through contrasting the traditional view of women and a reformed view, Marianne and Elinor, and the Dashwood girls reasons for marriage compared to most women’s. The setting of this novel takes place in the 1800’s, a time defined by strict gender roles and an overwhelming sense of tradition. Austen uses characters in Sense and Sensibility to portray the distinction between those that view women as simply wives and those that view the significance of individual women. Although many traditional women of this time viewed marriage as a necessary task for survival, Austen emphasized that marriage is the natural progression after a deep emotional attachment.
Certain characters in this novel display the tradition of the early 1800’s characterized by a desire only for marriage and a complete dependence on men for emotional support. Fanny Dashwood is a character in the novel that displays a constant emphasis on wealth and social connections; she is not
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