Jane Eyre And Remains Of The Day By Kazuo Ishiguro

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Writers present issues of self awareness through common craft such as Narrative technique, Point of view, Setting description and dialogue. Charlotte Brontë’s “ Jane Eyre” and “Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro both are told from the main protagonists point of view, and brings out their growing self awareness in themselves. The former is able to grow from this experience while the latter is unable to adapt and is therefore his growth is stunted. Jane Eyre , the main character of “Jane Eyre” is narrating her life from her infancy to her present married life. Her book began with her as a penniless orphan and as she is not directly related to the current head she does not have a position and is not seen as important. as the book progresses the reader is able to in a sense grow up with the child and learn her oddities and her righteousness with morals. One also becomes aware of her grown perception of self. Although she did begin as a strong willed person, her status did not allow her to be conscious of her self first. The main protagonist of “Remains of the Day” is a butler who begins his story to go visit an old acquaintance that worked with him 20 years ago. Stevens 's position as butler, and consequently as servant, has gradually made it impossible for him to show any emotion. One of the memories that are brought up to the reader is of when his father dies, Stevens is too occupied with worrying about being a proper butler to mourn . This is something

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