Japan, the United States, and Pearl Harbor Essay

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What were the main mistakes the Japanese made and how did such a tiny force beat one of the largest naval forces of the time?

One of the United States biggest advantages, but is leased credited is the cryptology subsection of the US Navy War Department. Now a bit of back-story after the Battle of Guadalcanal with the Japanese, the US has just lost a carrier and the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier is limping back to US Navy Headquarters at Pearl Harbor Hawaii along with a captain who is in the infirmary, he got sick during one of the Guadalcanal Battles. When they finally arrive at US Navy Headquarters in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, they dock and await orders. Now back to the Cryptology Dept. that made this one of the important if not the most …show more content…

Another advantage that we had, ironically, was surprise was on our side this time. Remember the Yorktown and how I mentioned it being badly damaged and had limped back to Pearl Harbor. Well the Carrier required a complete overhaul and the Captain went to the hospital to recover while Nimitz and the other cryptologists tried to figure out what "AF" meant, (at this point, they did not know that "AF" meant Midway and not the Aleutian Islands) and who would replace the sick Captain. Once Nimitz talked to the Captain, he asked for his recommendation and he said one of the destroyer Captains should command it and Nimitz was surprised but agreed. Then Nimitz went to the repair yard at the docks and when they were asked about how long it would take to repair the carrier because they needed it for wherever "AF" was. The repair crew replied that to fix the damaged carrier they would need 3 months to repair it Nimitz replied saying "we don't have 3 months, I will give you 3 days to fix it.” When they were done it was not pretty, but it was seaworthy they did all the repairs in 3 days in what would should have taken 3 months to do.

Once the Yorktown was combat ready it left Pearl Harbor for Midway Island. While at Midway itself, the island was preparing itself for the attack by the Japanese.

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