Japanese Canadian During World War 2 Summary

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Japanese Canadians during World War 2 were deeply affected, all over the world but, received the harshest punishment in Canada. With families, having to leave their homes, and all their land and get shipped to interment camps, where they were treated poorly and not seen as individuals but seen as japanese, by the colour of their skin. I believe that many ethnic groups all over the world have received a form of discrimination or mistreatment that has abolished some of their heritage and identity. Apologies have been given out but, have have not been giving for the right reasons instead given for the sake of saying we have apologized. The author develops the idea that when a social group or ethnic group have experienced hardships and social scrutiny, this effect them deeply leading, to future hatred and searching for answers. …show more content…

Each time a political leader apologized to the Japanese, they were trying to erase what had happen in the past and move on with the future. This is a huge problem because you can not try and forget your past if you have not fully resolved it or it will lead to grudges held but the people. Many Japanese people had trouble coming to terms with the past, and the treatment their previous generations had faced. I believe if we do not try and cover up the past with apologies and let the past be the past and accept it as part of our history and move on and learn from our mistakes apologies from the government would been seen more sincere. I believe apologies are really about a promise to the future, about actually changing. It’s about the start of something new rather than closing up the pat. It is also about acknowledging a story. That has to happen for the apology to be

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