Jasper John 's 1983 Artwork Of Racing Thoughts And Byron Kim Essay

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Jasper John’s 1983 artwork of Racing Thoughts and Byron Kim’s 1991 Synecdoche are both in the exhibited as part of the Whitney Museum’s: Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney Collection. Applying encaustic process, which is known as a hot wax painting, Jasper John created this screen-print with wax crayon on collaged cotton and linen. Jasper John describes this piece as a series of images that ran through his mind while he was lying in the bathtub. He included items he saw around the room and things he was thinking about. Some of the elements in this piece are his hanging khaki pants, the running faucet, a nail on the wall, a dirty window, a vase and a decorative piece on a piece of furniture. Until you read the artist’s description it is difficult to tell that the white smear of paint is, evoking a feeling of disorientation. His arrangement of his images is seemingly affixed to the faux-wood grain background with trompe l’oeil tape, thumbtacks, and a protruding nail. The scale of images in Jasper’s Racing Thoughts appears to be scaled to real life. The texture of the painting evokes feeling of an antique surrounding like a bathroom in a third world country. In addition, the colors and patterns in this painting, display how he is a person with many things going through his mind at the same time with unorganized thoughts. A panel of Byron Kim’s, 1991, Synecdoche is displayed in the Whitney Museum one section out of a four hundred panel ongoing project depicting the

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