Jasper Jones. Towns Prejudice

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Jasper jones is intriguing novel by Craig Silvey it revolves around the mysterious death the mayors daughter Laura Whishhart (jaspers girlfriend). Whose brutally abused body is found hanging from a tree in a clearing that has been adopted by jasper jones? And who has bad reputation due to his race and the fact that he has to to steal in order to survive due to the lack of parents. So jasper enlist the help of Charlie Bucktin an intelligent teenager to help hide Lauras body and get to the bottom of this alleged murder. Jasper is forced to to hide her body instead of giving her a proper funeral as the residents who reside in Corrigan are ignorant, hypocritical, narrow-minded, racist people who fail to give jasper a fair judgement of…show more content…
“the folks who watch jasper play, who barrack for him like he was one of their own, are the same ones who might cut their eyes at him should he walk there way a few hours after the game. But they’ll smile and cheer and shake their heads in wonderment if he takes a run through centre or if he nails one in the pocket” this quote shows how the towns racial prejudice and hypocrisy and can in make them change their thoughts about jasper in a matter of second. That they refuse to accept him as a civil human being in general life but as soon as his winning a game for them his suddenly the best person they’ve ever come across as he’s beneficial to them. The conventions here are juxtaposition to help show how ignorant and arrogant Corrigan’s residence really as they change their mind from he’s amazing, great, and spectacular to his filth, a runt and worthless to everybody

Jasper manages to accept and lives through the prejudice based treatment because of the
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