Jazz 's Influence On Behavior

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As relates to chapter two material and the above mentioned questions, I absolutely think Jazz 's parents influence her behavior because they allowed her to make her own decisions in regard to who she feels like not just as a human being but who she is as a person in regard to her personality traits, attitude, and characteristics that she displays. As early as two years old her mother reports that she was always playing with toys that are associated with ones that typically a biological female would gravitate to. Her mom also stated that she was wearing high heeled shoes and focusing more on playtime with her sister instead of her two older brothers who actually said if they could choose they would have chosen for jazz to be a girl and remain a girl. This type of positive reinforcement is exactly what Jazz needed in order to grow and be comfortable even with all the negative attention from peers and others that may disagree with allowing a child suffering from gender morphia. Jazz also had parents that influenced her in positive ways allowing her to be who she was and decided to let her wear a girls rainbow bathing suit at one of her birthday party 's and this was special occasion because it was the first time she was able to dress girly instead of normal boy clothing. It was a breaking point in which she could then express herself through clothing as children often do. Jazz also had a great attitude and seemed to be very wise beyond her years. She seemed like a very upbeat

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